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The national forests in California cover some 20 million acres, or about 1/5 of the state. That is equal to an area just slightly larger than the state of South Carolina . Stretching from the Mexican border to Oregon , these forests include a variety of terrain and vegetation types.  These areas of great beauty and majestic stature are plagued by divesting problems, such as natural and man-caused fire, pests and disease. These cause vast depletion and destruction of the national forests in California .

It takes thousands of firefighters and hundreds of pieces of specialized equipment working long hours to control these blazing infernos. Fires like these leave total destruction in their wake. As destructive as fires are, disease and insect infestation destroy seven times more forest vegetation annually than fires because forests pests are scattered and not easily detected, so are harder to control. In time some land may recover naturally. Penny Pines provides a helping hand. It is a conservation program in which everyone can participate.

If you would like to make a direct donation to Penny Pines, you can do so at their website.

Shortly after the completion of principle photography In August 2017, the course of JD Martz’s life changed forever. As he dove into a wave at Manhattan Beach in California, he injured his C3 and C4 vertebrae, leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down.

After spending one month fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit, JD defied the odds by regaining the ability to breathe without a ventilator and to speak on his own again. Subsequently, the 29-year-old left his successful career behind in California and moved into his parent’s home in Beverly, MA to recover. With a tireless approach and positive attitude, he has taken on an extensive rehab regimen to begin his quest toward recovery. 

JD is not only a great friend, but served an important role as Co-Director of Photography on Never Hike Alone specializing in action / go pro photography, camera operation, and being an all around bad ass on set. Without him, there is no way Never Hike Alone could have been completed and our team can think of no better way to repay his efforts than to support him in his journey to a full recovery. 

If you would like to make a direct donation to JD, you can do so at his website.

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