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Episode 1: Divide

Episode 2: Fall From Grace

Episode 3: The Last Ones

The Sony Venice Review

3 Days with Venice Trailer

Last Broadcast Poster.png

The "Last Broadcast" project is a series of three short films shot in three short days with the new Sony Venice cinema camera. 

Each entry of this webisode anthology features a radio DJ's last broadcast as we witness apocalyptic events of different scales

Divide: Directed by Paul J Meredith

A couple finds their way through a violently divided country. Shot in 16:9 aspect rations using Atlas Lens Co. and Orion Anamorphics lenses.

Fall from Grace: Directed by Ben Meredith

Violent forces rise from the ashes of an apocalyptic war as any hope left slowly disappears...even for a sinister cult leader. Shot in 1:77 aspect rations using Atlas Lens Co. and Orion Anamorphics lenses.

The Last Ones: Directed by Vincente DiSanti

A lone man struggles to survive in the aftermath of apocalyptic war. Shot using the full sensor readout 6k 3:2 sampled down to 4k for online delivery. We used the Tokina Cinema Vista prime lenses.

HUGE THANKS to  Abel Cine Burbank and Tokina Cinema, for allowing us to test and use this equipment.

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