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'Never Hike Alone' Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Nearly 300 backers pledged a total of $18,934 to the Never Hike Alone finishing fund on Kickstarter. We at Womp Stomp Films are beyond grateful. The goal was overshot by nearly $7,000. During the fundraising we were asked several times about what would happen if we went over our goal. $13,000 was a minimum we set, knowing that we'd still have to fund out of pocket. The costs of filming are steep, and the costs of post-production are generally higher. All the funds that were raised will still go directly into production and post. Here's a general breakdown of invested funds:

Any funds leftover will be donated to the Penny Pines Reforestation Program, which replants California forests affected by natural and man-caused fire, pests and disease. As a reminder, this is still a fan film, which means we are not-for-profit. We have no affiliation with Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, or the Original Friday the 13th Franchise. As a fan film, we are more than thrilled to have so much support from fellow fans and Fri-hards.

Be sure to stay tuned for all the latest updates, as well as the release of the film later this summer. See you on the trails!

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